This morning at 0600, My wife and I were having coffee by the pond and witnessed an amazing event. We watched as a Cardinal flew down to feed another adult bird. The birds were only 30 feet away, sitting on the arm of a chair. I couldn't tell if the bird was injured, but it must have been in need. Most amazing, was the fact that the Cardinal took a risk and landed 30 feet away from two people and two large Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. With no regard for his surroundings, he repeatedly fed a bird of a DIFFERENT SPECIES.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:26 that God takes care of our needs; saying,  "Look at the birds...your heavenly father feeds them...Are you not of more value...?"  This bird was fed, but for some reason couldn't feed itself. I had never seen anything like this before.

As I watched, I began to think about the cultural divisions in our Nation and World, the current Zimmerman / Martin divide, and the intentional divisions created by our Media, Politicians and so called Civil Rights Leaders.

It made me think...What if everyone acted like this Cardinal? The Cardinal was Red, while the other bird was black and grey. As we we venture out into our busy day, rather than rushing past someone in need, stop and help. Help someone in need today for one reason and one reason only....They are in need. I guess this is Grace. With Grace, we all receive blessings for no reason...let's be a blessing to someone today.


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