Last year, Facebook's market value topped $100 billion. Considering that Facebook is only 10 years old, that’s pretty awesome. But, what does that mean for you, the Real Estate Agent?

The bottom line is this: Social media is here to stay! You need a strategy to leverage it, or you’ll fall further behind your competitors, who “get it,” every day.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging - you need to be actively and consistently engaged with all of them. Even if you think that no one will actually sell or buy a home based on your Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter, you may be right; however, active, consistent posts, tweets, blogging etc. will; increase instances of consumers engaging with you, create a perception of you as "a local expert," and positively impact your search engine rankings, so buyers easily find you. This is especially true when you post to your fully integrated Real Pro Systems Blog, where each post gets indexed, and supports your main domain name.

Buyer’s are leveraging as many internet resources they can,  BEFORE they enter the real estate market or engage with a realtor. In fact, many agents today are eliminated from listing opportunities or missing buyers , without even knowing they were being considered. Even if you find yourself in the increasingly rare situation where you actually cause someone to contact you for a listing presentation, they're going to research you and your company online. What will they find? Will your “vast” online presence cause them to perceive you as an expert who deserves an opportunity for an interview?

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