Are You A Great Real Estate Leader?

Are You A Great Real Estate Leader?

How Can You Be Percieved as a GREAT Leader?

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"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."

— Jack Welch

In this series, I've talked about the qualities exhibited by awesome, successful real estate  leaders and shared specific qualities for becoming a great leader. So today, I'm going to flip the coin with a top ten list of BAD LEADERS. As you read this, think about the different "so called" leaders you've worked with in your real estate career and how you felt while working with them. Also, if you have your own team or brokerage, see if you have any of the leadership qualities mentioned on this list. Maybe there's an opportunity to improve your leadership style and your real estate business.
Command & Control Leaders: These leaders Rule by intimidation. Did you hear me mister? It's my way or the highway! Nothing is ever good enough. In this ennvironment, team members are afraid to share ides and this stifles innovation and improvements that could benefit the business. Fear rules the day and hurts morale.
Non Leading Leaders: These leaders hide in their office, reading email, holding the phone to their ear or looking at spreadsheets. They don't really interact with team members or employees. "Today we'll pretend we're talking about business. "
Know nothing leaders: These leaders wing it. They do things their own way without ever seeking knowledge, improvement or expertise. " Don't let anyone know I've never done this before." They act like they're experts at everything but don't really know anything. They seek to inspire through personal style and experience, but never commit to being the best by seeking expertise through knowlege and others' success or experience. They aren't usually aware that nobody is really following them.
Do Nothing Leaders: These leaders delegate EVERYTHING! They may have lots of knowlege but don't really interact much and they expect others to implement everything. "I've got a great real estate team!" They think their delegation skills mean they don't have to do anything and spend lots of time at the ball game or golf course.
Suck Up Leaders: These leaders are so afraid of losing thier real estate team members that they only focus on keeping their staff or team happy . They're nice beyond reason and always appear to be begging their team to do their jobs. They're too nice for their own good and are usually inneffective. If they're fortunate enough to have a few sympathetic buyer agents, listing agents or administrators, they might actually accomplish some of their real estate business goals.
Blind Leadres: Think Sargeant Schultz from the old Hogans Heroes TV Show. They Know what's going on but are to afraid to realize that it's time for them to actually act like a leader. "I see nothing!" They ignore bad behavior, poor performance, employee conflicts and show favoritism. This results in high turn over rates and they don't understand why. They're constantly spending time rehiring buyers agents and real estate administration staff.
Insincere Leaders: They'll say anything to anyone at anytime to accomplish their ends. "Don't worry, everything is fine!"; "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." The end always justifies the means for these real estate leaders. They make promises they can't keep to their team and real estate buyers and sellers; and use compliments to avoid conflict. They beleive the're really important people but nobody on the team beleives anything they say.
Gossiping Leaders: These people gossip about their organizations, brokers, team members, vendors and just about anything. "Did you hear about my new buyers agent's husband?" ; "Did you know the Real Estate Broker is having financial problems?" They simply talk too much. They provide the Juicy water cooler talk, but end up pitting team member against team member and tend to avoid their own responsibilities. This divides the team because nobody trusts them or wants to tell them anything.
Defensive Leaders: These leaders never take responsibility for anything. They're always right and blame somebody else when something goes wrong or when a real estate transaction goers bad." However, they're always ready to take all of the glory for any success or great idea; even if the it came from somebody else. These leaders behaviors are actually the opposite of real leadership. 
Leaders Who Don't Communicate: They don't tell anyone anything. They believe that information is given out on a need to know basis and their team doesn't need to know! anything beyond their specific role. "It's mine all mine muhahaha." Goals, plans and financials are all kept to themselves. Eveything that happens is a surprise for the team and typically results in poor team morale. 
Everyone who has ever worked in a Real Estate office or on a team, has experienced one  or more of the leaders I mention here. If you're running a busy real estate team, see if you have any of the traits found in the 10 leaders I've described. See if you can improve your leadership style to benefit your staff and improve your business. 

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How Can You be Perceived as a Great Leader?

This will be the last post in the leadership series. I'll focus on the final step; on what successful leaders do to become perceived by their teams as great real estate/business leaders. Life is a journey, not a destination...where will your Leadership journey take you today? 

  1. Challenge your team to think for themselves and give them the power to act and contribute to the teams success
  2. Your team needs to understand your vision. So you need to communicate in a way that they can relate.
  3. Establish and communicate your goals clearly.
  4. Be highly visible and interact with everyone on the team daily. 
  5. Everyone needs to know that you care about them as a team member and as a person.
  6. You care but still need to maintain a distance, and at the same time, remain approachable. 
  7. Create a life & business plan and help others do the same; based on successes, goals and a positive, inspired approach.
  8. Make the hard decisions, even if you know they're unpopular. Always do what's best for your team and real estate business.
  9. Never repeat your mistakes and help others realize their own. Learning from mistakes allows you to constantly improve and move on from tough, uncomfortable situations.
  10. Be your success. Your attitude, example, interactions and approach should personify the success you've created.

Leading a Real Estate office or a successful real estate team is challening. If you're running a busy real estate team, you already know this. Are there opportunities for you to improve your leadership style to benefit your staff and improve your Real Estate Business? I hope this blog series on Leadership has added real business value for my readers and clients. Stay tuned for the next series.

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RealProRick Leaderhip in Real Estate Series; Volume 1, Article 10 "Leaders: Can You be Perceived as a Great Leader?"
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