Federal Fuzzy Math vs The Real Cost of Living

When the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is released The Federal Government would have you believe that form June last year to June this year, your cost of living only went up 1.8%. Sounds great, the Obama economy is doing awesome!  Then why does it seem like my pay checks don't stretch very far?

One reason is that the Government's CPI number has been manipulated since 1983. The US Governemnt manipulates the CPI to reduce the amount of money it has to pay in Federally promised entitlements and Social Security benefits. The negative impact on the rest of us amounts to Government assisted financial suicide; because everyone has their own cost of living increase that doesn't match up.

I want to introduce you to the "Chapwood Index." The Chapwood Index is an independent, non-profit website, that identifies what people actually buy and illustrates the "TRUE COST OF LIVING INCREASE" for the average American; which differs greatly from the Feds fuzzy math. The index was founded by Ed Butowsky of Chapwood Investments, the Chapwood Index, is a real cost of living index that attempts to show, on a quarterly basis, a more accurate figure than the Government's fictional figure.

Check out the following list, illustrating the cost increase from June 2012 to June 2013, on every day items that most of us buy:

  1. Brisket............Up 78%
  2. Lettuce...........Up 54.6%
  3. Sugar..............Up 49%
  4. Frozen Yogurt...Up 16.8%
  5. Ibuprofen.........Up 27%
  6. Oil Change........Up 25%
  7. Napkins............Up 22%
  8. Kleenex........... Up 9.9%
  9. Movie Tickets ...UP 8%

This is substantially different from the Government's rosy figure of 1.8%. I guess that explains why, when you get a raise of 2%-3% at work, you keep falling behind the last few years. Think about it, the actual cost of living has increased roughly 10% NOT 1.8%! This doesn't even account for the increases in insurance, Obama Care costs, taxes and all general food costs in this economy; because none of them are included in the Government's CPI calculations.

Learn More at: http//www.Chapwoodindex.com