National Dog Day

"What can you learn from your dog?"

My wife Tina, the Dogs and I sat on the deck this morning, like we do pretty much every morning. Tina and I sipped our coffee and talked about the upcoming week and how busy Monday was going to be. I told her how crazy the last week of the month is shaping up to be for me and that I needed to get going to start my day. Then I looked at the dogs and they seemed so content sitting there with us. I thought about the week and everything I need to do today. Then I told Tina that earlier the newscaster said it was National Dog Day.

I thought, "wow, they have a National Day for everything now. " Then I looked over at the dogs and thought about the fun we had walking the trails and running around at the dog park this weekend. Then it hit hit me. We also sat on a hill and did nothing for a while, just like they're doing nothing now. They don't worry about anything; don't know stress, anger or discontent. They're just happy doing nothing. They're not bored or thinking about everything else they need to do today or tomorrow.  In our busy lives it's sometimes hard to enjoy doing nothing, because we always have demands on our time.  For my dogs, doing nothing was not boring--it was peace. When you get the chance, take time to be like your dog; to find peace; to do nothing.

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