Visionary Leadership In Real Estate

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"Leaders Are Made, They're Not Born...They Are Made By Hard Effort"
— Vince Lombardi

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Attributes of Leadership (4,5 & 6) as defined by Napolean Hill in "Think and Grow Rich"

Definiteness of Decision. The man who waivers in his decisions shows that he is not sure of himself, cannot lead others successfully.

Definiteness of Plans. The successful leader must plan his work, and work his plan. A leader who moves by guesswork, without practical, definite plans, is comparable to a ship without a rudder. Sooner or later he will land on the rocks.

The Habit of Doing More Than You're Paid For. One of the penalties of leadership is the necessity of willingness, upon the part of the leader, to do more than he requires of his followers.

Real Estate Market Leaders exhibit great vision, but what skills do you need to turn that vision into a reality in your Real Estate Business? You must be able to:

  1. Real Estate Market Leaders can simplify and explain their vision to other people.
  2. Real Estate Market Leaders have to walk the walk." Your explanation is just words, while your behavior brings your vision to life.
  3. Real Estate Market Leaders apply their vision to multiple contexts among their real estate teams and in their real estate businesses.

Today, think about how you explain, illustrate & apply your visioion of success to others and across your team.

Meet The Real Estate Market Leader of The Day:

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RealProRick Leaderhip in Real Estate Series; Volume 1, Article 4 "Visionary Leadership in Real Estate"
Source Credits: "Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill"