Benefits of Stealth Marketing

Benefits of Stealth Marketing

Why are stealth sites so effective at capturing and identifying leads?  

A stealth site is used to offer a service rather than promote the agent.  By driving traffic, initially, to a Stealth site, you overcome the many barriers of directing buyers to a traditional web site. A stealth site is “consumer centric” instead of selling the prospect on you, they perceive the site as a neutral source of information delivering what they are looking for without the concern of being “sold”.

This type of site creates a comfort zone for the consumer and engages them to initiate a request. Once they "opt in" they are automatically entered into an automated drip email campaign (branded to you) which will send them follow up on your behalf for the next year. This is how the relationship starts to build.  Your Stealth Site will be unique to you  because you will have your own domain name i.e. "yourcity"
Included with the Real Pro System are pre -written email campaigns. The drip email campaigns are invaluable. They allow you to stay in front of hundreds and eventually thousands of prospects with minimal effort. You only work with those that come forward. Of course, you can edit the letters as well as add additional ones or even create your own campaigns. All the letters go out automatically on the email stationery we create for you. Read about an agent's experience, with stealth sites, on my blog post. Click here.

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